About Us

Life is precious.  So how can we get the most out of our time here? 

So many people go through life only half living.  There’s a saying, “people stop living after age 25 but they don’t die until their 70s”.  WOW! Let that sink in for a minute.

So, what makes you happy?  I’m not talking about the giggly, silly, happy dance.  Let’s go deeper… yes, that’s right, all the way to your core, your soul.  Do you have physical limitations that are keeping you from a life you dream of?  What about emotional blocks, grudges, resentment or traumatic episodes; are they stifling your growth and your success? I hear many complaints of low energy, difficulty losing weight, unclear thinking/difficulty focusing, hormones off balance, emotions causing a heavy burden, the list goes on.

Passion burns inside me to help you feel your best, enjoy life and shine your light.  I want to help YOU get your HAPPY back!

I have the pleasure of sharing my life with my wonderful husband, Kevin and we are fortunate to have six children and five grandchildren.  We also enjoy the unconditional love of our sweet “Pepper” dog.  Life is grand!  

Continue reading below to learn how I transformed my life and you can too.  I believe in SHARING my experience and knowledge because I know it can change your world!



Get Your Happy Back