Essential Oils

Beyond the Starter Kit

So if you were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils through the “Starter Kit” like most of us were, you may have been so busy enjoying the original oils that you haven’t found out about all of the other great products available from Young Living.

The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those chemicals before breakfast!  Most are from four things soap, make-up, shampoo, and hair care.  The biggest pollutants in our home are fabric softener , dryer sheets, air freshener plug-ins, and scented candles.  You are literally poisoning  your family everyday with the stuff in your home which you can’t pronounce!

Perhaps you are not a DIY (do-it-yourself) kind of person but you would really love to be able to incorporate essential oils in your make-up, personal care, and house cleaning.  Well you have come to the right place to learn about all of the wonderful ways you can protect your family and take charge of what is in your home.

New Savvy Minerals Make-up

Get ready for this BeYOUtiful news!!  Young Living just announced a brand new line of “mineral based” make-up so you can embrace your natural beauty and be sure you are only using the most natural product available.  With a variety of shades and colors, you can find the perfect products to help you make your mark.  This by far is the BEST make-up I have ever had on my face.  Details and special classes to follow… stay tuned but definitely check it out!

Personal Care Products

New personal care products were also just introduced for women, men, children and even babies.  The Shutran line of mens care products (shaving cream, beard oil, after shave, 3-in-1 Men’s Wash or Bar Soap) include essential oils for a great clean and masculine scent.

For babies sensitive skin, the all new Seedlings care (shampoo. lotion, baby oil, linen spray, diaper rash cream and even baby wipes) are pure gentle products infused with baby-safe essential oils.

Additional New Products

New Sunscreen Lotion, After-sun Spray, and Insect Repellent are also brand new and just in time for Summer.  AminoWise is designed to optimize your workout the recovery period afterwards. SuperCal Plus is a nutritional powerhouse providing calcium, magnesium, key vitamins, and trace minerals that help maintain and support the integrity and density of bones. Alkalime Stick packs add lemon and lime essential oils to your water creating a quick-acting, effervescent drink that’s gentle on an upset stomach.

Toxin-Free Cleaning

The Thieves Starter Kit is the best value to rid your home of toxin-laced cleaners.  One cap full of Thieves Household Cleaner in a spray bottle will replace glass cleaners, floor cleaners, and even all-purpose cleaners and cost approximately $1.00 to fill one spray bottle.  I have found it works best, when my husband uses it to clean the house :-).   Thieves Foaming Hand Soap and Hand Purifier will help keep your kid’s hands clean throughout the day!  You can also swap out laundry soap and dish soap for Thieves alternatives and keep your family safe and kick the toxic chemicals to the curb!

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